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Nouvelle vidéo d’alex, pour commencer l’année 2011 New alex’s video to begin the year 2011 MUSIC: Robert Miles_FREEDOM

Pyra link : AlterEgo 2011

La 1ere video de 2011 pour commencer l’année en tricks et progresser à tout à les niveaux, n’hésitez à donner

Tricking combo 2010

tricking summer 2010

[youtube MAVnSHUGMhU]

Corkscrew tutorial english version

Corkscrew tutorial english version

tutorial corkscrew

tutorial corkscrew

PYRA-LINK : Honor of my team

A video to honor my team and tricks. This video is dedicated to all my friends in the trick’s world

Corkscrew to cork cork

Cork to Cork to Cork On grass


My demoreel 2009 before leaving to live in paris

Alex tricking combo 2009

Alex tricking combo

pyra-link september 2009

a sampler to stay on the move www.pyralink.net http